Let the beauty of the Ozarks surround you as you stay in one of the many motels or hotels that are part of our greater community. The Lebanon area is deep in the heart of the Ozarks and the scenic wonders as well as the rich historic atmosphere will truly envelope you in a blanket of great memories. Rt. 66 is calling you, and we are part of it's path.

Weather you are walking down memory lane or building your own untraveled road, the people of this area will welcome you with open arms, and great hospitality. When you visit Lebanon and it's greater surrounding area you will find some of the finest foods with the true local flavor of the Ozarks, and you will be welcomed home to some of the most comfortable lodging in the you could imagine. Come shop in our many outlet malls, or visit our down town merchants with that good old friendliness that we have all come to expect. If you are looking for Antiques, you will discover that we have plenty of interesting malls and small shops that pride in quality at a great price. If you have come to visit the out of doors then you will discover the waters of the Ozarks, from streams and springs, to massive lakes with some of the best fishing and hunting in the state.

Click on the below video, "Windshield Tour" to take a trip through Laclede County on old Rt.66. .
Click on the play video button below to get a short video of some of the surrounding beauty that is Bennett Spring State Park. .....................Trout season is upon us.