2011 Professional Bull Riding

The 2011 Professional Bull Riding season brought a lot of excitement for the Shepherd Hills Bucking Bulls and their fans ! All three Shepherd Hills Bulls (Trapper, Tested, and Sodbuster) competed in the World Finals in Las Vegas which saw Trapper tied for the 4th place position out of the 120 world class bulls competing there.

Shepherd Hills Tested, the newest addition to the Shepherd Hills PBR “bull pen”, was named the “Bull of the Year” in the Three Year Old class---with prize belt buckle to boot--- awarded at the ABBI dinner!

Once the PBR season came to a close, Shepherd Hills Tested & Shepherd Hills Sodbuster moved on to the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) and continued to do well. At the conclusion of this 9-day event, Shepherd Hills Tested (2OU) was ranked # 1 as the bull with the highest overall average score…and Shepherd Hills Sodbuster made a great showing at # 15 competing with ninety bulls in this event. The 2012 season kicked off in Madison Square Garden in NYC, Jan 6-8. So the action for 2012 is just heating up.

You can check the schedule for PBR and the stations where you can watch by clicking here.